How to digitalize the modern sales process

Imported from Sales Communications Oy
In today’s world buying has changed and selling needs to fit into modern customer's buying process. We use web to make business purchase decisions and as well as compare vendors in order to make best possible choices for oneself as well as our companies.

In this webinar together with ZEF we are focusing on the sales process and how to profile your customers before the sales is taking them on their radar.

In this webinar you’ll see how to:

- how to get more high quality leads by using interactive content
- how to profile the buyer and direct the buyer to targeted engaging content that dives sales
- how to educate your buyer with custom content and targeted material
- how to get more in depth knowledge about your customers

In this webinar you learn:

- how to increase hit rates
- how to increase customer commitment
- how to help sales to sell more
- how to shorten the sales cycle

Webinar is hosted by: Jani Aaltonen from Sales Communications and Tuomas Haapsaari from ZEF